Thursday, June 13, 2013


I have been working with Cameron on his ABC's
 and I can not express how very proud I am of him.
We spend about 20 minutes each morning going over them.
That's about as long as he lasts.
I took construction paper and wrote a letter on
different color's. I wrote a capital and lowercase letter
on each one.

I will lay them all out and call out a letter
and he will go stand on the letter I call out.

I found some ABC flash cards and had him match
the "Big one" & the "lil' one" ...
He was so funny - the 'big A' has an alligator on the
back of the card and he had to get on the floor and act like
an alligator "roaring"? haha :)

I also saw these Mickey Mouse flash cards on some
blog last year, but they had stopped carrying them at Homedepot.
So, I made my own! He has to match each color and flash cards.
He does SO well!

"C - Mama"

Doing such a good job.

My very smart boy!
We are using the ABC Bible verse books to help
in recognizing letters. I love this book!
He has learn most of his letters from us reading a 'letter'
each night. I bought this from Amazon if you're interested.

My Boy's

The biggest little blessings in my life.
There are no words to describe how I feel about these two.
Rough, rowdy, loud, and absolutely busy is our day in a nutshell but
I wouldn't trade it for a million dollars!
These two beautiful boy's are my absolute pride and joy
and I feel SO blessed they call me "Mama".
Freshly bathed and being so sweet.
Big smile. I love it.

My Oh-So-Handsome Baby!
I love him SO much!

One happy angel!

I am so excited that he is smiling more and more...

Just being mischievous and himself.

Giving some love.

My beautiful boy's!

He had just finished eating and gives a huge stretch almost
everytime he finishes. Full and happy.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Little Ham

Well, we had Landon's checkup this past week and he has become such a chunky-monkey!
He will be 11 weeks old this Friday. His appointment was this past Monday and he weighed:
11.5 pounds and was 23- 3/4 long! He is wearing 3 month clothes and they fit really well. They fit much better than I would like for them too. :(
Time is just passing to quickly and my heart is saddened by it, but I love the stage he is in.
He loves to talk to me after each feeding and just gives me the biggest smiles and coo's. It is a wonderfully special time for me. I love when I can just steal away those moments with him. The love that I have for him is so deep and so special. He is such a gift to me. I prayed he would be a snuggler, and he is! Thank you, Lord! He loves to just snuggle up and could stay there all day if I would hold him. Cameron is such a touch-me-not that it is nice to have Landon just love being loved on.
I just can't get over how much Landon and Cameron are growing and how fast!

Brotherly Love.

Sweet Boy! I am sure Landon didn't know what hit him :)
Cameron loves to give him kisses and hugs.

Just being himself :)

For some reason it will not let me blow this picture up,
but it is one of my favorites.