Monday, September 23, 2013

1/2 a year, already?!

My beautiful baby boy turned 6 months old on Sunday. I feel like the time has zipped past me while standing completely still. It seems like my family just came to visit, Cameron turned two years old and ten day's later I had Landon! My life has been so richly changed and blessed by my two little blessings. It is a change going from one child to two but we quickly adapted and fell into a new schedule.    

I was getting dressed Saturday morning and Landon just sat up!

He is propping himself up and can't sit up for long without
falling over but he's sitting!

Cameron loves getting in our bed with Landon
and watching "T"(aka T.V.).

My beautiful 6 month old baby boy!
Love those eyes.

This picture captures his whole personality.
He is my lovey - very smiley - snuggly boy!

He has two teeth now!

Gotta love the slobbery face little boy!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Fitness Challenge?

Yep, you read right. A fitness challenge. I have been a little hesitant about posting this, but I know that it will be a great way for me to stay accountable to myself. I have about 20 pounds to go before I reach my post-baby goal weight. I have been stuck at the exact same weight since Landon was born! A bit frustrating! I have tried getting myself on a schedule with working out but I never seem to be able to stick with it. Know why? Because I have an image in my mind of what it has to look like and I never seem to get to it! That perfect time of working out where both kiddo's are asleep, there are no dishes that need to be washed or clothes that need folded. Guess what? It doesn't exists - who knew?

I need to workout, not to loose the weight or to look good, but to simply make myself  feel good. So, I have accepted the challenge! Here is the link to Peak 313 Fitness where I have joined in on the challenge! I can't wait to see what the next few weeks hold.

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me." KJV
**Not my memory verse but one I will stand on!**

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I have a question ...

... for you all. I know that it sounds a bit silly but I am already thinking about Cameron and Landon's birthday party, even though its not until March. You see, they are born exactly 2 years and 10 days apart. So naturally, I will have their parties together since they are so close. However, since it will be Landon's 1st birthday how would you go about celebrating them together but making them both special? I have several ideas but I wanted a few opinions.

I appreciate any and all ideas!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cameron's 1st Movie

We took Cameron to see ...
... Turbo, the racing snail for his first movie!
He loved it. You would have thought he had been going to the movies his whole life.
He sat in the seat between Justin and I and ate popcorn not taking his eyes off the screen the entire time. It was a wonderful 1st movie experience.
My sweet boy is growing up!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Red Fast Race Car

It's not what you think, I can tell you that! This boy LOVES cars ... and I wanted to make something fun for him since he is always talking about cars. There are cars in every nook and corner of this house and he usually has one in each hand all. day. long.
I had one of Landon's empty diaper boxes so I made Cameron his
very own "Red Fast Race Car" and oh what fun he has had!
He was so excited he would say ...

"Mama, say Ready.Set.GO!" and would take off before I could say anything.

He told Debbie "Wook Daw, my car has cheeks"
He calls my mother-in-law "Daw" not sure where he got it
but it is the name that has stuck ... the cheeks are the "lights". Haha

Oh no! He crashed!

Never knew how much fun you could have in a box! :)
 I should tell you all that Cameron saw the movie 'Cars' for the very first time several weeks ago and has been obsessed with "red fast race cars" ever since. This child loves cars, what can I say?! :)

**Almost** On The Go ...

My beautiful baby boy ...
Freshly bathed, I love the smell of a clean baby!

I love how he is grabbing his toy with his toes here :)

He loves playing on his mat.
 He now spends most of his time on his knees scooting.
Not crawling yet, but scooting. He gets on his knees and pushes forward with his feet.
Cameron loves playing with him and goes up to him saying "Hey Buddy".
I almost always find cars near Landon. Cameron is very protective of Landon,
wonderful traits for a wonderful big brother. I love how these two interact.
Landon is in the middle of teething, which I can say, is not a favorite time of mine right now.
He tends to wake up screaming in pain in the middle of the night. Poor guy. I can see the teeth but they haven't broke skin just yet. I have tried everything and there is nothing that is really helping the poor baby. I just sit and rock him for at least an hour in the middle of the night. It seems to be the only thing that is soothing to him.
This is also a trick of his and how I find him in the middle of the night most of the time-
standing on his head! LOL This cracks me up. I think in some ways its soothing to him, but I find it so funny. Lovely picture of Cameron picking his nose! Oh boys! :)

No more laying him down on our beds for a nap!

He is a mover :)

Practicing sitting with Mommy close by :)
Eating ~ Landon has started eating rice cereal, bananas, sweet potatoes, apples, peas and carrots.
We have gradually added each of these. This month I plan to add pears, peaches, and green beans. He loves to eat and is constantly kicking his legs while I am feeding him. He eats about 3 tablespoons of rice cereal and a complete jar of fruit or veggies. He still nurses about every 4-5 hours and nurses for about 15/20 minutes, sometimes longer. He does very well supplementing formula if I can't get to nurse him at that moment. I plan on feeding him a second meal starting within the next month.
Sleeping Schedule ~ He doesn't require much sleep, unfortunately. Depending on when we wake up (which has been later due to his not sleeping at night) he usually lays down around 11am and sleeps 2-4 hours. Then he usually takes two small naps in the late afternoon/evening and we put him to bed around 11pm. I am not thrilled with this schedule but its the schedule he has put himself on despite my to get him into bed best efforts to get him into bed earlier. Cameron is a wonderful sleeper and for that I am so thankful. Cameron is in the bed no later than 9pm and sleeps until 8/9 am and then lays down for a nap around 1/1:30 and sleeps for about 2 hours. I am so thankful that he still enjoys his naps and looks forward to taking one. If he doesn't get his nap he is a huge grouch by the time 8 o'clock rolls around. I try to get Landon and Cameron both down for a nap at the same time, and it usually works. :)
Play Time ~ Lately I have been putting Landon down on a blanket to play since he is outgrowing his bouncy seat. He will play in it for a short while but tires of it quickly and will start bucking himself out of it. It scares me because I think he is going to roll it the way he carry's on. He loves playing in the floor and will play there for hours just watching Cameron or chewing on a toy. Cameron gets down and plays with him or takes him new things to play with. In the morning when I am fixing breakfast I will turn on PBS and while Cam is watching "T" as he calls it, Landon will lay there playing and watching it with him. Cameron is so attentive to him while he is on the blanket playing.
I can't believe how fast time is passing. I feel that it has passed faster with Landon than it did with Cameron. Does anyone else feel that way? I try to capture and treasure every moment but it still seems that I can't keep up with the time. It seems like a continual heartbreak but so rewarding at the same time. Each new stage they go through is so exciting but the close of a chapter at the same time.
 I am so thankful for my beautiful healthy intelligent boy's! God is so good and so merciful.
The mirror to his activity mat -
he loves looking at cute things :)
I love you deeply, Landon Scott!