Monday, April 15, 2013

My Precious Little One's

 Brother's meeting for the first time ...
Getting a close up look.
Checking him over.

Giving kisses :)

Naming body parts. Cameron needed to make sure he had everything he
was supposed to. Eyes, Nose, Ears, 'Foots' etc.
Sweet memories.

Looking at his hair ...
Grandma and her two babies.
Oh I stand corrected, we missed baby Ben! LOL
Cameron needed to hold his baby.

Daddy's BIG baby!

Cameron wanting to hold Landon
 just like he was holding Ben.
 The Handsome BIG brother! 

 My angel of a little boy. 


I just love this one - it is a cropped picture
of one above but I just love it!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Introducing ...

 ~ Landon Scott Thomley ~ 
 3-22-13 at 12:09pm
7lbs 2oz 
21 inches long

Landon's Birth Story
It all started Wednesday night before I had my appointment on Thursday morning. I had slept terribly that night and was absolutely miserable trying to make myself get some rest. I made it through the night, got ready for my appointment and set out for the doctor's visit. I felt pretty good that morning despite being tired. I had told Justin the night before that I was ready to have this baby and that I had noticed a bit of decrease in his movement. I had still been feeling him move but it was considerably less that what I had been feeling. It concerned me enough to mention it to the doctor that morning. I had been scheduled to go for a non-stress test the next morning (Friday) but they wanted me to go ahead and get one done anyway along with an ultrasound to make sure baby was fine and moving like he should have been.

I headed over to check into the hospital to have labs drawn, the ultrasound done and to go up to labor and delivery for the NST. As I was having the ultrasound done Landon didn't move AT ALL! He didn't even budge with all the pushing, pressing and jiggling they did on my stomach. I got concerned. I did feel him move while the tech went and got me some crackers and water to try and get him to move. So, we finish up the ultrasound and I had up to have the NST done and Landon began moving like crazy.

They called the doctor to let her know but in the meantime the results came back terrible for the ultrasound and they said they were admitting me and that we weren't leaving without a baby! Things turned kinda crazy after that. I live less than 1/2 a mile from the hospital, and they didn't even let me come home to get Justin since I had the truck and carseat for Cameron! My bags were packed all excpet for a few things. They were concerned for him so I had to be monitored very closely.

I wasn't dialated very far at all ... so they started some medication for getting that process started. I just knew I was in for a long weekend since I was only dialated to a one! After a long night of being woke every few hours I was checked again around 4am to determine if I needed more medication or if there was any progress. According to the nurse and after much pain, she said I was only a 1.5! I just about cried. I actually think I did shed a few tears.

Well, I did fall asleep again and woke to my favorite nurse coming into the room! After becoming a regular at the hospital I knew who I wanted taking care of me even if I had to request her. Thankfully after being checked again I was dilated to a three and was so excited. Justin had just arrived at the hospital (I didn't want him having to sleep in the hard chair when we live so close) and he told me he thought I would have him around noon. I made my predictions for later in the afternoon.

Around 9 am the doctor came in to check me and I was dilated to a 4/5 and she broke my water! Praise God we were able to get the show on the road.For you mother's out there - you know that after your water breaks the contractions start getting much STRONGER! So, they started and around 10:30 I was really really needing the epidural! So they called the anesthesiologist and even though I thought then that he could have made it quicker- he made it just in time ;)

So after I got the epidural the contractions kept on coming - I obviously couldn't feel them so they came back in around 11 and checked me and I was a 9! My mother-in-law had brought Cameron up to see me. They stayed for 45 minutes to an hour. They didn't stay long since things were picking up, lol. They checked me again around noon told me to push and they saw his head. They quickly called the doctor, and it honestly took longer for her to put her jacket on than it did for her to deliver Landon. Folks, I didn't break a sweat. Pardon for the expression but I only pushed 3 times and he was born. Justin and the nurse both said it was less than a minute and he was here. Justin say's 30 seconds, but all I know is that it was SUPER SUPER fast.

I was so thankful for a quick delivery and to all the prayer's!

So that is the birth story of Mr. Landon Scott ... my second precious gift from the Lord!

More pictures to come!