Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Saturday in the Park

I love this ittty-bitty face!

Pure Joy!

Sweet little face...

he enjoyed riding these. 

He loved getting on the choo-choo :)

Little man...

He tried swinging in the kid swings but it hurt his sides.

this was the alternative and he loved it!
For a short while. :)

Looking at the waterfall.
We had a great day playing and having fun.
 I love my little guys and I am so blessed to be their mother!

A Milestone has been reached - Landon

It was Saturday night 7/20/13, I go to check on Landon becasue he was napping on my mother-in-laws bed. I go in just to check since had been sleeping on his tummy (his favorite way to nap) and to my surprise- he had rolled over!! I went over to him and he looked up and just smiled, a huge smile as if to say, "look what I did, Mommy". I went and told Justin what he had accomplished and he couldn't believe it. So later that evening I put him in his little bed so I could get ready for bed myself, and much to my surprise he did it again! What did I do? Cried. I cried and cried some more. I wasn't ready for this to happen just yet. My baby is getting older, SO fast. Yeah, I know, he just turned 4 months old and I am being a bit silly... but I am not ready for him to start doing all of these 'big boy' things. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am excited with his new all of his new accomplishments! I love watching each new little stage and making memories with him!

You see, Cameron was not necessarily a lazy baby but he let you do stuff for him. He was right on track with everything but while he went fast,  he still let us do things for him. Landon, I fear, is going to be very independent at an early age. I guess that's okay even though I would keep him in this stage for a while longer.

**As I am sitting here writing this, he is in his bouncy seat just smiling at me.**
I would add pictures but we are having some technical difficulties with our computer.

Monday, July 22, 2013

4 months!

I cannot believe that 4 months ago I gave birth to this wonderful
little addition to my life!
I love the crooked smile.

... and the big smile.

I mean, who can resist this?!?
Or this?!

This one is a family trait, Justin and Cameron
both cross their legs like this!

Just funny.

It has been 4 wonderful months!

My Treasure's

I treasure the relationship my husband has with our children.
How he loves them (us) unconditionally.
I treasure how he is the only one who
can make them smile/ get so excited
like this. How he is their best friend!
I treasure the happiness my children have!
Every smile I get even when just walking by
 and being spotted by a bright-eyed wiggly one.
I treasure every one-on-one moment I get with my little ones.

I treasure every learning experience they have,
 whether I am ready for it or not!

I treasure moments like this.
 Completely surronded by a mess of toy's,
because you know fun is being had!
I treasure my family and the blessings God continues to pour out on us.
I thank God every-single-day for them and for what they mean to me each day.
There is always something to learn and fun to be had, and I am so blessed to be able to share it with the man I love so deeply and the two little rascals who have completely stole my heart, forever!
To my "Treasure's" ~
I love you!

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Zoo Day - Springfield, MO

This past Monday Justin had the day off, but needed to go pick up some tools
from a job site and then go bid another job. So, we made it a family day and went to
the Zoo! Cameron was so excited! He couldn't wait to see the
"I-ons" (Lions), and the "Draffe's" (Giraffe's).
By the time we left the house and got all the 'work' stuff behind us it was past Cameron's
normal nap time and he was just a bit cranky, unfortunately.
He did, however, warm up and start getting a little excited about looking at all of the animals.
These pictures are not in order, but here is our little venture to the Zoo.
They have wild Peacocks roaming around the whole place.
This one was showing off!

The male Tiger.

The pretty female Tiger.
Magnificent animals! Just beautiful!

This is how Landon enjoyed his first trip to the Zoo :)

Excited to ride the train. :)

Just a little peek while looking at the reptiles, yuck!

The Giraffes were a bit intimidating!

This is the "Draffe" that nibbled on Justin's sleeve
and Cameron thought it bit him. He burst into tears, completely terrified!
Poor guy, he wasn't as excited after that. After we got him calmed down
Justin told him that the Giraffe just licked him and that it was okay.
Cameron never said anything else about them that day, but the next morning woke up laughing
and making huge licking noises! He would laugh really hard making big licking noises saying
"Draffes ick, Daddy" and laugh! LOL.

All he talked about was seeing the "I-ons" but the lazy lions were sleeping
out of site of where Cam could see them.
However, the next morning while being his completely silly self he
would say that the "I-ons icked him too".. LOL.
The things this kid comes up with to say! LOL

Being brave.

The "Ittle one, Mama"
The baby Giraffe.

A mama peacock and her babies!

Feeding the fish.


His adorable excited little self!
The highlight of the whole zoo experience,
riding the little train. He wanted to make sure Landon
was going to get to ride too. He didn't want ot leave him out!
Sweet big brother!

Friday, July 12, 2013

My 2nd Born

Sparkly blues and pillowy cheeks,
Reaching arms and wiggly feet.
Tiny fingers and tiny feet,
beautiful boy features make you complete.
My 2nd born you are a gift from above,
you fill my heart with lots of love.
Growing way too fast, personality developing
with each day that pass.
God trusted you to me, and with His treasure
I will protect ever so carefully.
My smiley sweet Landon Scott,
you bring lots of joy,
and melt your Mama's heart!
I love you, Always!