I have been homeschooling officially since September 2014 and have been able to do so almost for free! Here is a list of links I want to share with you that I have used and love. If you have any questions please just email me or leave a comment below.

Okay, if you're anything like me and you like to organize, you like your to-do-lists, or you like to have a plan for almost everything, then these links are for you!

I am slowly gathering my favorite sites that help me stay on track and organized.
  1. I Heart Naptime
  2. This Little Pig Stayed Home.
 *** I came upon this website while searching on Pinterest looking for a good homeschooling lesson planner. I find that I work best when I have everything laid out with goals set for each week. I had been searching for several weeks, countless hours of searching online for the perfect planner for me and had not found one that I liked. I had just about settled on a regular "At-A-Glance" calendar but that just didn't have the room for notes like I wanted, so, I continued my search. While I was laying awake one night with slit-sleepy- eyes, halfway paying attention, I clicked "something cute" and it took me to this website. I immediately fell in love with this planner! It's called "The Modern Planner" and has absolutely everything that I need and want in a planner! I am SO excited about building my planner and having everything laid out exactly the way I want for this fall. It will take some time and will take some planning for everything, but I am super excited about our upcoming school year. Now, all that to say, we will be schooling year round. I find it best so that we don't loose any ground and can keep moving forward successfully. We will school for one month on, one week off. I find that it gives us a good balance and after a week of being off he is actually asking me for work to do! Haha. I feel SO blessed! I liked this planner because of the ability of being able to utilize it year round. I had found that the Homescooling planners just didn't suit my needs and I didn't like how they were laid out. Same goes for the regular Lesson Planning books I had found on amazon. So ALL that to say, here is the planner I will be using this fall and beyond! ***

I will keep you posted on anymore wonderful things I find!

~ April 13, 2015


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