Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve before bed

When do I get to open all these gifts??

Christmas Morning!

Cameron's Little Eureka Vacuum

His tractor with stocking stuffers

Excited about his tractor!
He was getting to tall for his little wagon we got him for his birthday.
So, Grandma got this for him. :)

Yep, he went to vacuuming as soon as he saw it! haha
We had an extremely clean living room!

Not letting go of it!
He hung onto his "Bac" all morning long!
Showing him how to rip open a gift, he didn't care.

He was quite content riding his tractor and pulling his "bac" beside it.

Alex and some legos he got from GG
(Great Grandma, Debbie's mom)
Thanks, GG!

Cameron excited about more cars!
It's a Fisher Price Little People garage with a tow truck and car.

What's does he have?? :)

He thought this was pretty cool. K'Nex that you build into a
Roller Coaster that really runs!

Sweet Boy :)

I received some cute cards from Alex and Cameron.

What does Mommy have?

Cameron checking over his gifts.

Oh the mess!

This is what Christmas looks like when you
have 5 people in one small living room.

Alex's gifts ....

Some of Cameron's gifts ...

Alex thought he was through with his gifts, but Justin had a
BIG surprise up his sleeve! haha

One of the coolest gifts a 9 year old could get.
An electic scooter that goes about 10 mph!

He was ready to ride in about 2 seconds!!

Even Landon made out like a bandit this Christmas and he isn't even here yet!
Landon's coming home outfit! It's SOO tiny!
It has little Giraffe's on the feet of it. Precioius!

Cameron vacuuming and I am playing with the new camera I got!
Wahoo! New camera for a new baby. Who knows how many pictures I can take?!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Great Read

I was on Pinterest or just browsing random blogs the other day and I ran across one called The Better Mom , I am pretty sure it's a pin from Pinterest. Anyway, I signed up to recieve the once daily emails, and just wanted to share this link with you moms out there. Actually it applies to most anyone. I hope you enjoy!

Keuken hof Holland! Row after row of tulips and hyacinths in bloom!

Cam & His Vacuum

Cameron has a love for vacuum's that I have never seen another child have. So, to show you just how much he loves them, here are a few pictures that Grandma took! He absolutely cracks me up with the whole thing. These are a little out of order, but you will get the general idea.

Getting the vacuum out of the closet.
His favorite thing to do!
He wouldn't touch it for the longest time, but it won over.

Watching the "Bac" on T.V. - haha
Debbie just happened to catch this picture. I am so glad she did!

Showing Alex the "Bac"
He will grab your hand, push your legs or if you're holding him, turn your shoulders
the way he wants you to go and it's usually to this door! haha

Finally his turn to vacuum!
Waiting patiently to use the "bac" :)

Working hard :)

This is a very heavy vacuum and we were surprised he could push it.
He loves to help! *He's getting his very own vacuum for Christmas*

Who could resist this??

My Sweet Little Angel!

Okay, funny story about the vacuums. Debbie and I were out Christmas shopping several Friday's ago, our last stop was Target because I was looking for the little white shirt he has on in the pictures, and a few more things for Justin.
So, I am on the stationary aisle and low and behold, behind us just so happens to be the whole cleaning aisle where the vacuums are. He immediatley spots them and goes bananas! "Bac, bac, bac" grabbing my arm and trying to get out of the cart! I had no idea what he was doing, I was just so into my search for this particular gift that when I finally realized what he was trying to tell me that I just laughed out loud! A little too loud I think. I called Debbie over and she realized what was going on it was all she could do to hold on to him, trying not to get him to climb the shelf to where they were. Now folks, you have to realize that these vacuums, swifters and such were about shoulder high on display and they had lights shining all down upon them. He was in heaven! I hope that I never forget that. It was one of the most hilarious things he has ever done. 
Needless to say, I can't wait until Christmas morning when his "Bac" is sitting beside the tree.
I will capture it on video, so please "stay tuned".
Until then, Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Special Ornament - 2012

Debbie's sister had this ornament made for us.
I love it! Our little family - including Landon!
Just had to share.

Cameron's First Professional Hair Cut

He sat so still and didn't cry.

Wondering what she was doing :)

Such a handsome big boy!
He's beginning to look like a little boy
and not a baby anymore.

It's Beginning to Look a lot like ...

I am SO excited about this Christmas. I mean, like a kid in a candy shop! Cameron is at a very fun age, Alex doesn't believe anymore but didn't let us know until Justin asked him. Justin asked him last weekend, "Alex, do you still believe in Santa?" and his reply "No, one Christmas when Grandma let me sleep on the couch I wasn't asleep when she thought I was and I saw her putting the gifts under the tree." LOL Yep, that was several years ago. He never let on that he didn't believe! Haha. He is so funny.

I am excited about what everyone is getting. I can't wait to see the look on all their faces, and especially the boy's delight in the gifts that are under the tree and the ones that are going to be set out! I have my video camera just waiting! Debbie and I usually get up earlier than everyone else and put makeup on and fix our hair, haha.

We are going to get the last few things that we need to start baking Christmas goodies today, and then we are going to set to baking this afternoon/ evening. I can't wait to have the whole house smelling "like Christmas"! It definitely looks like Christmas, but add that smell to it and oh goodness! I just can't wait!

Our pretty Tree that is slightly leaning but still pretty!
All those gifts keep getting looked over when Alex is here
to see which ones are his.

Our little Snowman Tree
Cameron loves it!

The House
I wasn't able to capture the Garage because Justin's truck was in the way,
but the lights wrap around the eave of the house outlining our garage.
I love it! It's so pretty!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Landon Scott Thomley

Due to the two printer/scanner's in our house that have decided to stop working at the same time, the only way that I can show you Landon's ultrasound picture is by taking a picture of it. So, I apologize that it may be a little blurry but I am so excited to share with you all! Landon is growing and his heart rate seems to keep around the 150 mark, which is great. I am measuring right on track and due to my doctor knowing how to make adjustments (the same as a chiropractor), I feel great! I have no more kinks and I will be adjusted every month until he arrives. It is amazing the difference that I feel.

 Also, I was surprised to find out that I had actually LOST 2 pounds yesterday! Which is perfectly fine since I am, yes, overweight as it it. Hey, that's okay though. The one thing that you mother's know, is that we sacrifice our figures for our sweet babies and we will eventually become comfortable in our own skins again. However, I continue to keep exercising as much as I can and I know that it will pay off in the long run.

All that to say, I would like to introduce!

Landon Scott Thomley

I am sure you all can (kind of) see the little turtle in this picture!

His sweet profile!


I love this picture, not sure why but I do!
I love seeing him all curled up in there, knees all tucked!
Makes my heart melt!