Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baby Update

It has been a while since I have updated on the baby and our progress.
As of yesterday I am 37 weeks pregnant. We have now hit our stride where we are at every week appointments and since last week's 'episode' I now have to go twice a week to the hospital for a non-stress test. You may be wondering what 'episode' means.
With Cameron I developed pre-eclampsia at almost 37 weeks,
 I actually delivered him to the day. I had my doctor's appointment Thursday and it all started Wednesday night. I was feeling horrible! A bad headache, nausea, lots of pressure, contractions every few minutes, dizziness, started swelling- you name it and I was feeling it. I get up and ready, and had Justin go to the doctor's with me because I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Well, it just so happens that I had every sign of the pre-eclampsia and the doctor sent me on over to the hospital to evaluate me and to run a 24 hour test to make sure they didn't need to induce and deliver. So this is why I have to go the hospital twice a week for a NST on top of keeping my regular appointments.
This morning I had my first NST and everything was perfectly fine! My blood pressure, the baby moving around and his heart rate. I feel so blessed. Yes, I want to have this baby and I am tired of being pregnant. Yep, I said it. I am done being pregnant. I feel so blessed to be able to have healthy children but with some of the side affects that I have had - bad back pain, restless leg syndrome on top of twitching/jumping legs, a numb side if I lay the wrong way just to name a few... I am ready to have him. I don't wish him here before he needs to be but I am more than ready/anxious to have him. I feel restless sometimes. To the point I get up and clean because I can't relax! The desire to have him becomes so overwhelming sometimes that I just have to sit down and take deep breaths. I am as ready as I can possibly be. My bag is packed and everything is all set to go!
I will keep you all updated as I can!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Birthday Celebration Pt. 2

These are moments that I treasure in my heart.
My Boy's

Brotherly Love!
I was so proud of Alex for not pulling away.
After all, being 9 years old and having your baby brother kiss you smack on the mouth
isn't the coolest thing to have done to you. I just love this picture though.

My Handsome boys!
Alex is looking so much older with his little face
becoming squared off and spiked hair.
Where is the time going??

Are all these for me??

His turtle dump truck- its all he wanted to play with.
Showing off his "Neuw" hat :)
He over exaggerates the word 'New" it is pretty funny.

What a good looking little man!

His favorite truck!
Chuck-Truck as he calls it :)
Daddy picked it out. He loves it.

His truck hat from GG and his turtle lawnmower because
he loves to push everything!
What is sure to be the last family photo before Landon arrives!
Love my handsome boys :)

Alex and my brother

Playing with 'Dacie' aka Gracie

My Mom and beautiful baby sister.

36 weeks and of course I got put in the front! haha

Cameron and both of his grandmothers on his birthday, very special!

3 Generations! :)
Again, looking SO big!
 (It doesn't help that I am sitting down either)

I love this one because he just came up and hugged me.
Doesn't happen very often and it melted my heart.

He was laughing at Tyler and Alex I believe :)
Just loved how we caught it!
Happy Birthday, Cameron!
You have been a delight and absolute joy to have for these past 2 wonderful years.
I feel so blessed to be able to spend each day with you and be there for you.
You make each day new and exciting. I love our little moments we have each day.
You are a wonderful, smart, funny and fill our home with laughter.
Love you always!
I took Cameron to the doctor two days later just for a check-up & of course he is fine.
He was 37 inches tall and 31 pounds!
He is in the 90 percentile for his height,
and in the 75th-90th% for his weight.
He is going to be a big boy!
He wears 3T shirts and 2T pants and is closing in on a size 8 shoe.
His summer clothes are all 3T's! I just cannot believe how fast he has grown.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sweet Boy's 2nd Birthday

They say a picture is worth a thousand words ... Well, I have quite a bit to share with you. I had been trying to come up with something to do special for his birthday - on his birthday. I could not have planned this and it turned out as wonderfully as it did.

My mother had been planning on coming to a conference here in Missouri and wasn't quite sure of her plans, but she was able to be here for Cam's 2nd birthday- on his birthday. It just happened that my sweet baby brother (who is much taller than I am now) and baby sister were able to come out too.

So, we were actually able to have a party! I had been planning on taking Cameron to the Zoo or Chuck-E-Cheese, somewhere fun for him. I am so glad that it turned out the way it did - with family being here. It was so much more than I could have asked for. I am still going to have him a party, but Landon will be here and it won't be "all about him". I wanted so badly for it to be about him and to be able to just celebrate his wonderful little life without everyone making over the baby at the same time. I know he wouldn't even know the difference, but I would, and it means SO much to me that we were able to celebrate him and delight in his being part of our family for 2 years!

All that to say, we had a wonderful day playing with aunts, uncles, brothers and grandma's! We thoroughly enjoyed having family here! It was a wonderful 2nd birthday!
Here's to the Birthday Boy!!

Our decorations were a bit minimal for now, but we hung the banner,
blew up some balloons and I hung up the birthday balloon wreath.

"Hands, Mama, Hands"
Not sure why he was showing them to me, but it was cute.

The Birthday Cake
Waiting Oh-So patiently :)
Loving the attention that the Happy Birthday song is bringing!
My all time favorite picture!!
I don't think I will ever forget this look and
I am so glad we were able to capture it on film!

He did such a great job blowing out the candle.
A little off-center but still a cute picture with the balloons.

Diggin on in :)
 He didn't even get any chocolate cake on him!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cam's New Trick

He just started "falling" this week and asking for some "help".
He will walk into a room and "fall" on the floor and stick his hand out for some help.
Sorry for the shaky footage and how close my mouth is to the recorder!
Makes me sound like I have a huge lisp, haha.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Just being Cameron

Since Cameron is putting two and two together-
knowing Mama is going to have a baby he seems to think
that my Mother-in-laws dolls need his full attention.

She was cleaning her bathroom and came out to see this!
Everyone nite- nite.

Eating a PB&J
Gracie thinks she is a human. Begging for a bite of food!

She sat in the chair the entire time watching him eat.

Cameron loves Gracie.
(Just so you all know, we don't usually let the dog sit at the table.
 I had just gotten up and she stole my seat, but sat there the entire time he was finishing eating.)

A Special Bond

Every parent has a special bond with their child, but I can honestly say
I never thought in my wildest dreams my husband and son would have the bond they have. Let me
re-phrase it, I never knew how deep a bond could be! How special it is until I see them together. It absolutely blesses me to see watch it played out in every day life.
Not just read about how it should be.
I love the story of Abraham. I can honestly say that I am not sure I would have enough faith to sacrifice my son! To give up what God had been promising for years, then to sacrifice that promise. To know he was going to do that and knowing he had enough faith in God to do so is unimaginable to us today. We cannot grasp in our carnal minds even the thought of it. Oh, the emotions he must have been going through climbing up that mount. It breaks my heart, but knowing the end result is a sacrifice being given to you! Only God can give that!
I see this tiny little boy who God has given me to raise and love with everything that I am,
I can only praise Him! I also see the love that his earthly father has for him and I can only imagine how much our Father must love us. Being a parent brings a whole new perspective into my relationship with our Heavenly Father.
I am so thankful for my family.
A husband who loves so deeply and a son who is our entire joy,
 and the joy of another on the way!
I feel like the richest woman in the world.
Playing in the snow.

And loving every minute of it! :)

Storm has loved this weather.

Just resting in the snow.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Making Memories

I am getting closer to my due date and the time that I am spending with Cameron is becoming even more meaningful than it used to be. Please don't get me wrong, it isn't that I haven't treasured my time with him, it is just that I have this strange sadness that it isn't going to be just the two of us anymore. Please don't think that I am not excited about meeting Landon, because I am SO excited to meet my sweet babe. I long to see what he looks like, to see the little face that kicks me what seems like constantly and to hold this tiny little person in my arms. It is just that I have so enjoyed my time with Cameron, it is a chapter closing and another amazing adventure about to start with being a family of four.
All of that to say, here are some pictures of my sweet little man from the past month.
I am so proud of him and what all he is accompishing. His vocabulary has doubled, he is repeating everything that he sees. He is also in the throws of the "terrible twos"! He trys me every chance he can get, doesn't like to listen, and is stubborn as the day is long! All that to say that, he has also become very loving (not that he wasn't before- he is just showing it more). He will just randomly come up to me and give me hugs and kisses and want to sit in my lap. I obviously don't enjoy the defiant side but I love looking back to see what he has learn. It also shows me where I can step it up and where my weaknesses are.
Anyway, on to the pictures!!
My little prince on Valentines Day

He loves the phone!

Just talking away.

Reading. :)

He thinks he has to haul this stool all over the place.
Even to read, on the couch.

He loves his babies.

Gives them sugar.

Going night-night.

Where's Cameron??

He loves his trucks!

I love these moments and I am so thankful that I have the privilege to be home with him every day!
It is the most rewarding job in the world!